The Company’s First Direct-to-Student Mobile Offering, Careers by Symplicity, Empowers Soon-to-Be Graduates to Maximize their Job Search Experience

Recruiters Can Utilize the New Symplicity Recruit On Campus to Access, Organize and Discuss Candidate Information in Real-Time for Enhanced and Efficient Job Fair Outreach.

In an effort to streamline job recruitment for both recruiters and students, Symplicity today unveiled two new mobile applications – Careers by Symplicity, a strategic job-searching tool for students, and Symplicity Recruit On Campus, an easy-to-use tool for recruiters that enhances their job fair experiences and outcomes.

With Careers by Symplicity, students can organize all job searching activity in one place – from applications to career fairs – and leverage enhanced features that make finding, considering and responding to opportunities easier and more efficient. In addition, Symplicity, has tailored their popular Symplicity Recruit platform into an easy-to-use mobile application so accessing candidate and job fair information can be done quickly and efficiently, even while on-the-go or at job fair events.

“As the modern job market continues to evolve and students are required to keep-pace with changing demand, being able to pinpoint and match graduate skills to the most effective job opportunities is of critical importance,” said Bill Gerety, CEO of Symplicity. “Especially as the world becomes more mobile, we are incredibly excited to offer these tools to students and recruiters alike to facilitate an easier, smarter and more intuitive career match-making process.”

Careers by Symplicity equips students with all necessary job-searching information in one place, which can be accessed conveniently on their mobile devices. In addition to searching and applying to postings, students can leverage the dashboard view to access a quick overview of important updates tailored to their specific needs – and even view announcements explicitly targeted based on their interests, experience and career goals.

Through Symplicity Recruit On Campus, recruiters can also identify when a student marks their organization as a Top 10 Employer so recruiters can leverage opportunities to connect with especially interested candidates quickly and effectively. In addition, users can manage a considerable pipeline of talent through ratings, notes and tagging features that make reacting to, organizing and collaborating on candidates easier and more efficient. As well, data collected through the Symplicity Recruit On Campus application will be synced, nearly instantly, to the user’s web portal so information is integrated effortlessly.

Each mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices, provides students and recruiters with the ability to more effectively manage and organize the job searching and recruitment process – and creates efficiencies that reduces the investment of time and resources.

Symplicity Recruit On Campus provides additional easy-to-access tools that make tracking candidates, organizing events and reviewing reactions with colleagues efficient, thorough and more productive. Key features include:

  • QR Code Integration: Scan student résumés via QR codes to quickly identify, assess and add candidates to your pipeline
  • Manage Your Candidates: Recruiters can rate candidates as they meet them, add tags and comments – and leverage the pipeline feature for easy sorting and categorizing
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share ratings, reviews, and comments with your entire recruiting team and other colleagues so everyone can stay organized and up-to-date
  • Intuitive Search Capabilities: Conveniently search a database of students that have attended job fairs to efficiently pinpoint relevant candidates
  • Efficient Event Management: Easily retrieve information from past, current and future events to track and assess progress and opportunities

Careers by Symplicity provides students with a full suite of features that are all accessible in one place to make the job-searching process easier and more intuitive. These tools include:

  • Update Anytime: Students can update their profile and interview availability in real-time so information remains timely and active
  • Tailored, Targeted Opportunities: Careers by Symplicity will tailor recommended jobs based on a student’s preferences, career needs and skillset
  • Enhanced Career Fair Experience: Students can leverage Careers by Symplicity to better manage and up-level their presence at Career Fairs
  • Integrated Calendar: With intuitive calendar features, students can manage all upcoming appointments – such as counseling appointments, interviews and career fairs – in one location
  • Easy RSVP: Through the app, students have the ability to search for events, information sessions and workshops, and can RSVP in real-time so opportunities are never missed

Careers by Symplicity can be downloaded here: Symplicity Recruit on Campus is available now, bundled with CRA and ERA subscriptions during trial and post-purchase; for more information and to download the application, visit

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