With more than 52 percent of its employees telecommuting from home offices in remote locations, Symplicity is continuously seeking opportunities to engage all employees and create a unified culture and collective environment.

Last Friday, Symplicity closed its offices at 3:45 p.m. so that all employees throughout the country could participate in its inaugural 5K Run@Work Day. Participants used the MapMyRun App to chart their own course and walked or ran with the knowledge that their colleagues were doing the same. In cities such as Portland and Boston, where many Symplicity staff work from their homes, coworkers coordinated a route and completed the course as a group. At the company’s headquarters in Arlington, Va., 56 employees ran or walked a mapped course together. In total, 122 Symplicity employees participated in the event, which was inspired by Road Runners Club of America’s Run@Work Day, and is part of a larger, firm-wide health initiative.

For more information and pictures from the event, visit us on Facebook.

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