Leader in simplifying software solutions for higher education, government and corporate recruiters achieves significant recognition for its software development practices.

Symplicity Corporation today announced that it has been appraised at Level 3 for of the CMMI’s Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)®. The appraisal was performed by DQS Certification India Private Limited. CMMI is a capability improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes that ultimately improve their performance. For Symplicity’s customer base, this recognition showcases the company’s commitment to meeting best-in-class software development processes, quality assurance and speed to market for its technology platforms.

“Achieving a Level 3 assessment from this prestigious organization is an exciting accomplishment for our team and a true testament to the quality work we execute,” said Bill Gerety, CEO of Symplicity. “We look forward to maintaining this high level of service and equipping our customers with solutions that are not only effective and measurable – but impactful to the bottom line.”

An appraisal at maturity Level 3 indicates that organization is performing at a “defined” level. At this level, processes are well characterized and understood, and are described in standards, procedures, tools and methods. The organization’s set of standard processes, which is the basis for maturity Level 3, is established and approved over time.

About Symplicity

Symplicity is a market leader in enterprise technology and information systems management for higher education, government, and businesses. Symplicity is committed to providing its clients with innovative solutions and services that enable them to streamline business processes, improve performance, and cultivate positive relationships with their students, customers, and communities.

About CMMI Institute

The CMMI Institute, a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, is dedicated to elevating organizational performance through best-in-class solutions to real-world challenges. The Institute is the home of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)® for Development, Services and Acquisition; the People Capability Maturity Model; and the Data Management Maturity Model (DMM)SM, which are capability improvement models that create high-performance, high-maturity cultures. The models are used in thousands of organizations worldwide to deliver business results that serve as differentiators in the global market.

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