The Office of Career Services at Princeton University launched HireTigers, a new career management website, to replace the former TigerTracks system in September. The system is part of Career Services’ long-term goal to use technology to provide personalized professional services to students.

Executive Director of Career Services Pulin Sanghvi said that Career Services decided to replace TigerTracks because of frequent feedback from students that the former platform was very outdated and difficult to navigate. Career Services received evaluations on TigerTracks through its Student Advisory Board last spring, and developed the new system over the summer in partnership with Symplicity.

“A lot of how we are evaluating technology is around how technology supports the personalization process. How does technology help us to understand students better? How does technology help us to contact and support students better?” Sanghvi added.

Associate Director for the Employer Recruiting Program Grace Williamson said that the new system also allows Career Services to host events that meet students’ interests.

Williamson also said that HireTigers has the advantage of being connected to the National Association of Colleges and Employers network, which allows students to browse more job opportunities than through TigerTracks, which only listed job offerings targeting University students.

Williamson noted that HireTigers’ mobile-friendly interface is another advantage to students.

“Whether you are in between classes and walking across the campus, or you have your cell phone with you when you’re waiting in line in the U-Store,” Williamson said, “you can log into the system, apply to positions, and upload your cover letters and resume.”

Career Services is preparing to add a customized resume-builder tool to the HireTigers system, Career Services’ Associate Director for Communications Outreach Evangeline Kubu said. Kubu explained that they will have examples of resumes from alumni and many different options for students with different industrial preferences to customize their resume.

Kubu said that based on the feedback she received from students, she believes that HireTigers is a user-friendly system that is easier than TigerTracks.

“So far, we had more than 1500 students join and create their personalized, customized profiles, and we only received less than ten requests for assistance,” Williamson added.

The Career Services is hosting a HireTigers Orientation on September 15 to provide students with training on how to use the new system.

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SOURCE The Daily Princetonian

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