Jun, 18th 2014

Symplicity Acquires Experience, a ConnectEDU Company

Symplicity today announced it has acquired Experience, a ConnectEDU company that delivers career services software. Established in 1996, Experience has helped to guide more than 5 million students and alumni nationwide into the workforce by matching their interests, skill sets and core competencies with available positions. More than 130,000 employers use the Experience network to recruit their top talent as well.

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Apr, 23rd 2014

Yale Launches Employer Database with Symplicity

Yale Undergraduate Career Services launched an online summer employment evaluation database last week that will enable students to evaluate prior summer employment experiences and search for reviewed internships or other opportunities.

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Apr, 17th 2014

Federal Lands Highway Streamlines Road Building Projects with Symplicity

Federal Lands Highway (FLH), part of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), an agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation, utilizes Symplicity’s cloud-based procurement system to manage the full lifecycle of hundreds of active highway construction projects.

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Apr, 9th 2014

Symplicity and ABA Work Together to Streamline Graduate Employment Survey Process

Symplicity today announced the company is working with the American Bar Association (ABA) to create a new feature that will allow Law Career Services Manager clients to produce audit-ready reports for graduate employment surveys. This feature is in response to the ABA’s employment survey audit requirements.

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Apr, 1st 2014

Symplicity Awarded Contract from U.S. Department of State

Symplicity was awarded a contract from the U.S. Department of State to provide an enterprise-grade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) constituent relationship management system, VOICE Government, via Symplicity’s dedicated and secure cloud serving federal and state agencies. The agency will utilize VOICE to improve and streamline constituent communications. The system will provide services including communication tracking, event management and scheduling tools, custom workflow management and an industry-leading rules engine which automates business processes for incoming and outgoing correspondence. Symplicity quickly partnered with the U.S. Department of State to implement a production-ready platform in less than one week.

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Mar, 17th 2014

Symplicity Announces New Features in Student Recruitment and Admissions CRM

Symplicity today announced the winter update of Ascend, the company’s cloud-based admissions CRM and application management platform.

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Feb, 21st 2014

Symplicity Releases New Features and Enhancements in Career Services Manager

Symplicity today announced the winter update of its Career Services Manager, the company’s market-leading career services management system.

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Dec, 16th 2013

Symplicity Introduces New Features in Student Conduct and Behavioral Intervention Management System

Symplicity today announced the winter update of Advocate, a cloud-based student conduct and behavioral intervention solution that allows institutions to streamline case management, centralize incident reporting, and proactively identify and effectively address students of concern.

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Dec, 11th 2013

Symplicity Expands Global Presence

Symplicity’s Career Services Manager team attended the National Association of Graduate Career Advisory Services’ (NAGCAS) annual conference last week in Daydream Island, Queensland, Australia. 

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Oct, 22nd 2013

Symplicity Unveils New Features in Enterprise Student Support Services and Early Alert System

Symplicity today announced the fall update of Insight, an enterprise student support services and early alert solution that enables institutions to identify and track at-risk students, streamline appointment management, pinpoint predictive factors, and promote student retention and success with a full suite of student CRM tools.

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