Reimagining the Student Journey

A student experience platform for developing and tracking lifelong skills

Connect. Track. Engage.

UniHub’s power lies on its ability to immerse students to all areas on campus by identifying and recommending activities and events that help build the skills today’s employees desire. We help institutions create a unified student experience and streamline reporting across offices with our enterprise system for events and activity management, experiential learning, advising management, and co-curricular reflection.


Ongoing Engagement

Provide new activities and relevant opportunities across the entire student

Targeted Recommendations

Connect diverse experiences with cross-functional skills for all students

Experiential Learning

Encourage reflection and articulation of personal capabilities and values

Skills Development

Develop and assess students’ cross-disciplinary, lifelong skills

Student Narrative

Create a holistic view of your students’ journey through integrated services and advising

Symplicity’s UniHub solution has transformed the way we manage and track student event attendance, leading to higher student engagement, reporting and student satisfaction whilst reducing operational costs.

Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships, Student Success Group, Queensland University of Technology

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