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Providing equal, fair, and timely accommodations has been an important issue for all businesses and organizations, from colleges and universities to corporations and nonprofits. An employer with strong accommodation services is more likely to attract and retain talented job candidates and keep them happy. Implementing accommodation efforts is more than the right thing to do; it’s also the smart thing to do.

Understand Accommodation Services

The accommodation services you provide will depend on your employees’ unique needs; still, there are some common employee accommodations that you and your HR team should understand. These include:

  • Letting employees take breaks when needed

  • Providing ergonomic supplies to match physical needs

  • Offering close parking options

  • Installing ramps or elevators

  • Reasonable maternity/paternity leave time

Make It Easy for Employees to Request Appropriate Assistance

Best in class Human Resources departments excel at anticipating employee needs. Even so, there are always unique and challenging situations that are outside of written policies and training. That’s why you need to make it easy for your employees to make inquiries and requests that will help each of them remain productive and comfortable.

Companies of all sizes should encourage outreach with the Human Resources department or offer anonymous reports or requests. This way, your team can ensure you understand evolving needs without singling anyone out. Larger organizations should strongly consider deploying accessibility services software. There are various software tools, such as Accommodate, which provide crucial visibility and workflows for Human Resources, managers, legal, and facilities staff to track and manage employee requests and forthright responses from the organization.

Make Equality a Priority

Every organization strives to provide equal opportunities for everyone to succeed. Unfortunately, shrinking resources and increasing operational priorities sometimes divert attention from these goals. Companies and institutions of all size are encouraged to prioritize equality and access at every stage of an employee’s career.

In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires equal opportunity policies in hiring. Once these new employees are on-boarded, what is your organization doing to encourage success moving forward? Peoples’ needs are often unique and can evolve over time. It’s important to make sure each employee has access and assistance for matters like using new computers, accessing conference rooms, and participating in off-site activities. Having the a modern systems in place is critical for HR and company leadership to equally and successfully manage all employees.

Write Accommodations Into Your Policies

All organizations should commit to providing appropriate accommodations into its written policies and procedures. All current and new managers must be educated and ready to execute on the areas highlighted in the policy manual. Without their cooperation and assistance, opportunities for noncompliance or mistakes become higher. Managers are the first line of defense to defend your organizations’ reputation. If you do not codify your policies and communicate your intent, your managers likely will not understand expectations and could unintentionally put your organization’s reputation at risk.

Take time to review and implement these important steps to empower your managers and employees with the best and most fair implementation of your accommodation policies. There is a huge investment of time and work involved in this process which is why it’s suggested to invest in the right management tools to streamline the daily workflows. Options include home-grown software or outsourcing software such as Accommodate. Regardless of the software system in use, it is important to invest in employee happiness by improving accommodations with modern ideas supported by modern technology.

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