Are Your Students Utilizing the Careers by Symplicity App During Career Fairs?

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The free Careers by Symplicity app provides a multitude of capabilities for students, and one of its most helpful features is its ability to guide students through the entire career fair process. Before students attend a career fair (which they can find and register for all within CSM), first make sure they know about and have downloaded the app, then remind them to do the following.

1) Generate their resume QR code & have it ready for recruiters to scan.

From CSM’s student interface, students can generate a QR code that links to their digital resume. When recruiters scan this QR code with their smartphones, they will be brought to the student’s resume and can save the student to their pipeline to follow up with later. Students should generate this code before attending the career fair by going into the settings for their resume document. They should then either print out the QR code to wear on a badge, or they can pull it up in the Careers by Symplicity app at the fair to share with recruiters. Either way, it’s important that recruiters have a way to scan the code to pull up the student’s resume and save his or her information.

2) Use the in-app booth map to locate favorite employers.

The Careers by Symplicity app provides students with the ability to locate the employers they’re most interested in on a virtual booth map. This will help them plan out their route throughout the booths and will eliminate the stress of not being sure where everything is. Make sure students are aware of this feature, and encourage them to locate their favorite employers a little bit beforehand.

3) Use the app to rate employers & to set follow-up reminders.

Navigating through so many employer booths can be overwhelming for some students, and they might forget in their excitement or nervousness which companies really stood out. With the app, students can quickly rate their favorite and not-so-favorite employers so they can access these impressions again later on. They can also set a quick reminder for themselves to follow up with a specific company once the event is over. Knowing they have a backup way to remember these things will make students feel way more relaxed and at ease.

It’s also helpful to remind recruiters to download the On-Campus app on their end, which is the inverted version of the Careers by Symplicity app. This app will allow recruiters to scan the students’ resume QR codes, save students to their recruiting pipeline and take notes on the students they’d like to pursue.

With both students and recruiters using their respective Symplicity apps during career fairs, there are bound to be successful matches made between eager job-seekers and the employers seeking out fresh talent.

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