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Many of you are new to the Symplicity blog and since this is my first post, I decided it would be best to take this opportunity to outline what I hope to cover in the posts ahead.

There’s no doubt that when you clicked on this posting, you had certain expectations about what you would read here. In fact, when many of us hear the word “marketing” or about today’s challenges of marketing, we conjure up memories of all of our past “marketing” efforts, both successful and unsuccessful. I would bet that many of the “marketing” efforts that come to mind would be more advertising and/or promotional in nature. That’s because we use the term marketing loosely and more often as a primary indicator of advertising/promotional initiatives. Marketing is so much more than posters, Twitter, and emails.

From deciding what services to offer in your organization to relationship building and management, we’ll discuss all of the various aspects of marketing. Don’t worry; we’ll talk about promotions and advertising as well. We all know just how difficult it is today to market to a generation of informationally overloaded students, where organizations and people fight every hour/day/week for every square inch of their cerebral real estate in hopes of creating a lasting brand image.

Many of you have very successful marketing and promotional efforts. I’d love to hear about them and maybe your organization can be featured in this blog. It will certainly go a long way to help your search engine visibility. If you’d like to share an initiative email me at: Thanks for reading the first post, check back soon when we’ll start with a discussion about market research and deciding what services to offer.

J.P. Matychak

Director of the Career and Leadership Development Center

University of Pittsburgh, College of Business Administration


Built from the ground up by career services professionals, CSM by Symplicity enhances how information is shared and processed both within the university and between their students and employers. This career services-focused approach has enabled us to become the market leader with 1000+ career office deployments worldwide.

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