Residence: Customizing the Roommate Matching Invite

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Residence Tips & Tricks: “Customizing the Roommate Matching Invite”

Residence is Symplicity’s solution for seamlessly consolidating and managing the entire student housing process, from roommate selection to housing assignment, request submissions and more. One of Residence’s most exciting features is that it allows students to match themselves with potential roommates, significantly increasing the chances of successful pairing. Students can use Residence’s built-in social networking tool to find roommates they think would be a good fit, then they can send each other roommate request invitations.

The system is already set up with an automated message a student will receive when another student sends them a roommate request; it starts as a basic, “Hi, I found your profile in the roommate search. Would you like to be my roommate?” Students can then add additional content to this message before sending. But what if as an administrator, you want the auto-generated message to say something different – maybe a little more customized to your school? Fortunately, you can do that with the following hack.

How to Customize the Text on the Roommate Matching Invite

The Residence team understands the importance of allowing clients to personalize and tailor their products to the unique look, feel and branding of their school. Maybe you want the roommate matching invite text to say something like, “I think we’d make great roommates as we embark upon our journey together as Huskies!” Use these steps to get creative and make the text say anything you want it to:

1) Navigate to Tools > Localizations

2) Type in “Hi” in the keywords search bar and hit “apply search”

3) Hit ctrl+F (to find a word) and type the word “found,” then hit return

4) Scroll down in your browser’s search for the word “found” until you see the default roommate matching invite text

You can then edit that text to say whatever you’d like it to say when a student sends it to another potential roommate.

So start brainstorming clever ideas, and have fun with it!

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