CSM: Customizing the Login Screen with School-Specific Imagery

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CSM is the ultimate career services management tool used by over 1,400 career centers worldwide. It connects students to potential employers and allows career services staff to simplify all of their tasks into one centralized resource.

We at Symplicity know how important it is for our clients to be able to personalize their systems with branding that reflects each school’s unique personality. For this reason, CSM’s latest student and employer interfaces allow many options for this type of customization, one of which is the ability to customize the system login screen with any photo you’d like. It can be a photo of your campus, a picture from a memorable sports event or anything else that holds meaning to your particular school!

Steps to Changing the Login Screen Photo

1) Navigate to “Tools” then “System Settings.”

2) Navigate to and select the “Branding” tab.

3) See the text that says “New Interface Login Images” and select the button underneath it that says “Change” to change the photo.

4) You can then select a photo from your computer and upload it.

Example from University of New Hampshire

Little things like this make a world of difference in encouraging students to feel comfortable using the system – what student wants to use a generic, unexciting interface? Now you can evoke a sense of pride in students and staff alike when they log into your CSM system and see a photo that reflects the true essence of your school’s community.

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