Symplicity Kicks-off 2016

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Symplicity Summit ’16 was a huge success and the perfect way to start the year on the right foot. The purpose of our annual summit meeting is to regroup, recharge and reenergize everyone. It’s a great time to reset and remember our purpose as company; we remember we are all here as one company to successfully develop, support and provide our clients with products that genuinely improve their day to day lives. Yesterday was a day to remember our purpose and individual function within the larger company picture. Once we had all settled in, eaten breakfast and said hello to the Symp faces we hadn’t seen in a while, we sat down for some intro-remarks from Bill Gerety. Bill kicked-off the meeting with an inspirational speech, pumping us up with 2016 goals and dreams.

Around 10:00am we broke out into groups for a Symplicity challenge created by senior management. We were given an hour to solve a company pain point. Each group had a few members from various different departments. Here we were given the opportunity to work together with and hear ideas from the few symp-staff we rarely interact with. It was a great way to remind us all of the importance of collaboration and communication throughout the company. Coincidentally, each group presented impressive ideas that we hope to work to implement internally in 2016. Jake Acton and Mark Eres were one step ahead of us in thinking about “collaboration and communication” between departments. After lunch, Jake and Mark presented on their success working together the past few years and gave us tips on how we can work in harmony between departments to improve productivity and client services.

The rest of the day consisted of a few more interesting and fun speeches from Symp team members and breakout sessions that focused in on more individual needs. We finished up around 6:00pm and headed back over to the office to wind down and celebrate the start of the Symp year with Symplicity Casino Night.

The day was productive and our evening was a blast. We are now excited and prepared to take on 2016!

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