New Wave of Industry Leaders Join Our Corporate Partner Program

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Symplicity is excited to announce the addition of three new industry leaders to its partner program: GoinGlobal, Monjin, and Diligence Lab.

GoinGlobal provides career and employment resources for more than 120 worldwide locations, with Country and USA City Career Guides, 16 million-plus worldwide job and internship postings, corporate profiles, and an H1B visa search engine. More than 800 of the world’s leading academic institutions rely on the location-specific insights provided by GoinGlobal, which are researched by in-country employment experts. GoinGlobal’s constantly-updated Career Guides feature hiring trends, industry outlooks by sector, work permit/visa regulations, resume/cv guidelines, interview tips, and more.  

Symplicity customers are eligible to receive complimentary trial access to GoinGlobal. Contact president@goinglobal for further details or call 1.800.989.1190.

“GoinGlobal is an invaluable resource both for our counselors and for the students and alumni who utilize them. The level of detail about each country, the accuracy of the information, and the clear-cut way the guides are organized all contribute to a product that stands far above other resources.”   

Marlisa S.,
Wesleyan University

Meanwhile, Monjin, which stands for My Online Job Interview, is a unique future-proof video-interviewing platform that connects worldwide employers from Fortune 500 companies with job-seekers. No other company offers a combination of an interviewer network and ‘ready-to-view’ videos evaluated by experts, streamed across all devices. With the foray into education, Monjin seeks to help career centers in universities place students into roles with today’s leading employers.

Our final partner, Diligence Lab, uses Big Data to help Hiring Managers identify prospective employees most likely to thrive in their corporate culture. Diligence Lab’s Eduction software uses AI to examine students’ social media posts to help them put their best foot forward and find better jobs.  In 20 seconds, Eduction produces statistically significant personality profiles to match students with jobs that suit their personalities.  Eduction also helps employers understand the key personality traits common among their high performers.  These employers can use Eduction to identify and hire the college students in Diligence Lab’s database who exhibit the personality attributes that work well within their corporate culture.

“Purdue University is pleased to move forward with Diligence Lab as a trusted partner. Providing students a unique opportunity to incorporate their social media activity as part of their career decision-making process is an advanced and significant step in helping them to confirm their career interests.”   

Tim Luzader,
Purdue University

We are confident that the capabilities of these three new partners will complement CSM’s capabilities and vice versa, resulting in a continuously improving experience for both our users and theirs! Learn more about our partner program here.

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