Introducing the New Symplicity App!

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Symplicity is excited to announce the launch today of our new Symplicity app, which provides students with new ways to engage with your career center, discover opportunities and access your core career services offerings from their mobile devices.

What Are the Benefits of the New Symplicity App?

Increased Student Engagement via Mobile

We’ve modeled the Symplicity app after other popular apps in which users can “swipe” right if they’re interested and swipe left if they’re not. This is a simple way for students to dismiss recommended jobs that they are not interested in and quickly “favorite” jobs they find to be of value.

Each recommended job will show up in the app as a card-shaped item that they can swipe, and this simple swipe action simplifies the job search experience while mirroring other apps that many students are already comfortable and familiar with.

How much did our test users love the app? One student compared the smooth user interface to a Tesla when asked what type of car it reminded them of. We’ll take that as a compliment.

Convenient, Comprehensive Discovery Options

The Symplicity mobile app allows students to discover a list of jobs that is tailored specifically to them, as well as use robust search filters to sort through ALL the jobs posted to your system. As students sift through opportunities, they’ll be able to quickly discover key information about each open position.

Easy Application Process

With the Symplicity mobile app, students can apply to jobs right from their phones or tablets or “favorite” jobs if they’d prefer to come back and apply later. Depending on the employer’s preferences, many jobs will allow students to apply to the job instantly using the resume and cover letter from their student profile!

Important Tracking Capabilities

Students can track jobs they’ve applied to, jobs they’ve favorited and jobs they’ve visited – even if they visited the job from a web browser. They can also track scheduled and requested interviews and manage them exactly as they could using CSM on a computer.

In addition, push notifications will allow students to track upcoming appointments by sending them reminders and ensuring they never miss an important alert. What better way to help students stay on schedule?

Access to Core Career Services Offerings

The new Symplicity app allows students access to the core features of your CSM system right from their mobile devices. They can edit documents, change their account settings and more.


The app is available for iOS and Android – for questions about the differences between the Careers by Symplicity app and the new Symplicity app or to start the process of opting into the new app, please contact our support team.

This app is currently available for US clients only and will be adapted for our international clients in future releases.

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