Insight Advising

The next generation of advising and retention management is here.  

Insight™ by Symplicity is a web-based advising center management solution that will enhance your student engagement and retention efforts.

Symplicity understands that your office is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. Why not make more time to focus on this priority and spend less time hassling with administrative tasks? Insight is at your service!

Our 100% web-based system was designed specifically for academic advising offices, with your unique needs in mind. Insight offers advisors, tutors, mentors, students, and staff an array of next generation appointment management, engagement/communication, and tracking tools.

Insight offers:

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Appointment Scheduling System

More appointments, less hassle...Insight maximizes advisor-student interactions with 24x7 real-time appointment requests. Our Availability Matrix allows advisors and tutors to easily manage their weekly availability. 

No more missed appointments! We send appointment reminders so that students and staff don't forget. Plus, individual appointments synchronize with calendar applications, smart phones, and Facebook. Read More...

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Early Alert / Academic Intervention System (CARE)

We recognize the need for advisers to proactively address at-risk students, and comprehensive academic intervention may be the most critical component. Insight's CARE Network module allows advisers to more easily identify and more effectively address students of concern, often before the concern escalates.

CARE enables faculty and staff to easily submit concerns through a custom on-line form that is routed to the professionals you designate. From notification, to action plan, to monitoring, to resolution, Symplicity works with you to ensure the CARE module aligns with your office's work-flow.   Read More...

CRM Tools

Communication & Tracking Tools

Insight consolidates student tracking and communication efforts so that student risk indicators, class schedules, co-curricular activities, sent emails, appointment notes, and more can be captured through a single system. Plus, the student portal offers a robust toolkit with features to keep students engaged and informed of announcements, events, and appointments.

Progress reports, GPA alerts, flags, and follow-up actions help you prioritize which students need your help first. Plus, Insight's Email Manager provides unlimited custom email templates for sending rapid communications with a personal touch.  Read More...

Icon - Product Features - Student Record

Holistic Student Record & Centralized Document Management

Replace those overflowing file folders with Insight's virtual student records. With a click, advisors can gain a holistic view of each student's full profile including academic information, sent e-mails, advising notes, concern reports, flags, and follow-up actions.

Insight provides students the ability to store an unlimited number of documents that can be shared with advisors. Advisors may add documents to individual student records and limit visibility to only designated colleagues. Read More...

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Tutor Network

Connecting students with peer tutors is a critical component of academic success. Our Tutor Network makes it easy for students to search for tutors based on a variety of criteria and instantly express interest in potential tutors.

Tutors can register online in minutes and control the visibility of their profile. Insight provides for easy tracking and documentation of tutoring sessions and all relevant data can be captured via the reporting feature. Read More...

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Student Tracking System (STS)

Looking for a way to measure student traffic to your office? The Student Tracking System features swipe card technology so you can track student advising center visits.

It's convenient - students only need to swipe their Student ID card or punch in their Student ID, then select the reason for their visit from the customizable dashboard. Advisers are instantly alerted when an appointment has arrived. Read More...

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Comprehensive Reports

The reporting module provides real-time access to all data, so you can generate reports on any advising fields within the system. Better yet, you can include student profile details.

Create general advising overview reports, or report on specific details such as appointments by staff member, date, student demographics, and no-shows. Read More...

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Customization Tools

Every office is unique, and most administrators want to tailor their system’s interface to align with their precise vision. Knowing our customers’ desire for interface control, we provide ultimate customization and configuration capabilities. Read More...

Security and compliance

Icon - Product Features - Compliance

Symplicity regards safe guarding data as the highest priority of our organization. Many companies claim to secure your data, but we back it up with frequent independent audits.

Since our inception, Symplicity has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of millions of student and employer records to support full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Read More...

Powerful integration options

Icon - Product Features - Data Arrow

Data Synchronization

Do you use Sungard, Datatel, PayPal, or another student information system, fundraising system, or merchant services provider? Working with over 500 institutions over 15 years, Symplicity delivers sophisticated systems integration.

We offer online integration via web services or batch synchronization to ensure the core information in your systems are always up-to-date.

Icon - Product Features - Calendar Integration

Calendar Integration

Symplicity provides full integration with Microsoft Exchange and supports iCal and SyncML so that you can easily synchronize with Outlook, Lotus, and Google calendars, as well as smart phones by Apple, Blackberry, etc.

The personal calendar shows your schedule for the day/week/month. Or, you can view a colleague's meeting availability - all from a single web interface. Our visibility controls ensure that only authorized staff may view private events and appointments.

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Authentication Integration

Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on or shared authentication. We support CAS, Shibboleth, uPortal, Luminis, LDAP, Active Directory, and many other options!

Flexible pricing

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Whether you are a small institution or a large public university, Insight offers an extremely customizable solution that supports campuses of all sizes.

Our pricing is extremely simple. There are no hidden costs and various price points are available, making Insight a smart decision for campuses of all sizes!

We’re here to help

Insight's support team is comprised of former higher education practitioners that have years of experience using Symplicity systems as a client. We know how important great customer service is to our advising center partners and have many easy ways to reach out to our friendly Insight support experts.

Insight Support Resources

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The Symplicity Client Extranet is where clients can login to ask system related questions, report and track issues, and access documentation. It is the best and easiest way to connect with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your system fully integrate with our Information System?

A: Absolutely! Insight supports full connectivity with university information systems using systems integration best practices and methods such as sFTP and/or web services-SOAP. Other integration methods are also available upon request based on the institution's preference.

Q: Is there online and telephone support available? Online self-help?

A: Symplicity provides technical support 24/7/365. Additionally, live online and telephone support is available between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. We also provide context sensitive online help, detailed user manuals, cheat sheets, and training videos at your fingertips through our client extranet!

Q: Is Symplicity focused on academic advising offices?

A: Absolutely. The Insight Group is an autonomous organization within Symplicity with sub-groups designated to focus solely on advising and solely on Insight. We're proud to share that our support team has a combined total of over 100 years of higher education experience - WOW! Built from the ground up by career services, health and wellness, and academic advising practitioners, institutions see the fingerprints of our close collaboration with advising and counseling professionals throughout Insight's highly intuitive user interface and feature-rich toolset.

Q: Do you conduct nightly backups? If so, to how many geographic locations?

A: Yes. Symplicity conducts nightly backups in two geographic locations on Symplicity's own server infrastructure. If anything happens to your data, you can rest assured that we have your back. You never need to worry about losing data.

Q: What is the process for training?

A: The Insight Group offers both onsite training and unlimited web-based training. Training sessions are conducted by former higher education practitioners who have implemented Insight before and have a deep understanding of the product at the higher ed administrative level. Additionally, you'll have your own training specialist completely concentrated on your needs during the transition.

Q: Can Insight be utilized by multiple offices on campus?

A: Symplicity has experience setting up multi-office environments at numerous colleges and universities across the country. With Insight's rules engine, sophisticated appointment scheduling system and reporting may be configured to the specific requirements of decentralized institutions. This sophistication provides both consolidated data reporting and collaboration across offices.

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